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How To Play Capsule 21's Babylon


What is Capsule 21’s Babylon?

Capsule 21’s Babylon is a multiplayer point and click adventure game in which players explore the mysterious Babylon Library.

Players steal books from the Babylon Library's extensive collection and then venture into the Library's dungeon to find items to customize their books.

All Babylon rooms and items are original artwork by Capsule 21 artists Dovetail and PIV.

Babylon’s gameplay and visual style were inspired by old-school adventure game classics like Monkey Island and Kings Quest. But it is a distinctly contemporary blockchain game.

What is a Blockchain Game?

All Babylon gameplay logic, game state, and player inventories are stored on Ethereum. This means that:

  • You can play Babylon even if Capsule 21’s servers go down and/or Capsule 21 itself ceases to exist.
  • Your Babylon game items are ERC721 and ERC1155 NFTs and can be viewed, traded, and used on any front-end (e.g., OpenSea or Etherscan), Capsule 21's website.
  • Gameplay logic and history are transparent, which means no player has an unfair advantage over another.

However, this decentralization comes at a cost: you must pay gas to play the game. So be prepared!

What do I do in the Game?

Steal (our in-lore word for minting!) Babylon Books from the Babylon Library collection and search for Babylon Treasure in the Babylon Library dungeon.

From a blockchain standpoint, when you do this you will be minting NFTs in the Babylon Books and Babylon Items collections.

Both of these things require burning a Regular Key, which is the central item in the Babylon game. The best place to buy Regular Keys is on OpenSea but you can also find it at the Babylon Auction House.

What are Babylon Books?

The Babylon Library doesn’t contain normal books, composed of pages made of paper. Instead, Babylon Books are composed of pages made of CryptoPunk attributes.

Essentially, the Babylon Library holds every possible CryptoPunk that could ever exist. Far more than the original 10,000 CryptoPunks the number of Punks in the Babylon Library exceeds 30 million.

You can’t steal any book you want with a Regular Key. Instead, you only have access to the books currently being exhibited in the Library’s weekly exhibition.

What is an exhibition?

Exhibitions are a subset of all possible Punks and are curated by Capsule 21 artists in collaboration with Capsule 21 Podcast guest curators. The exhibition changes weekly. You can access the current exhibition by clicking "Filter to exhibition" on the browse page.

(You should also try clicking Download Poster on this page!)

What is the Babylon Dungeon?

In the Babylon Dungeon you can win items that allow you to improve the appearance and power of your Books.

For example, Book Backgrounds let you give your book a unique background:

Another notable prize is the Skeleton Key which allows you to steal any book in the Babylon Library, whether it is part of the current exhibition or not.

What other treasure can I find?

Here is a full list of all the treasure and the odds of finding it:

What do the items do?

See below. Note: when an item improves your book, it updates automatically on OpenSea and other marketplaces.

  • Regular Key: Babylon’s central item. Use it to steal Books that are in the current exhibition and to open the Babylon Dungeon door.
  • Skeleton Key: Use to steal any book from the Library, not just books part of the current exhibition.
  • Diamond Skeleton Key: Works like the Skeleton Key except in addition to stealing the book it automatically upgrades the Book to level 5 (the equivalent of applying 4 Book Upgrades).
  • Book Mirror: Use to flip your book so it faces the opposite way and is basically impossible to read.
  • Book Name Tag: Use to rename your book. Book names must be ASCII text.
  • Book Upgrade: Use to upgrade your book. Each upgrade fully heals your book, adds additional health capacity, and changes your book’s background (unless a custom background is applied)
  • Healing Quill: Use to fully heal one of your books
  • Key Fragment: Combine 3 of these to create a Regular Key
  • Book Background: Use one of these items to give your Book a more attractive background.

What is The Auction House?

The Auction House hosts a daily auction where you can buy a Regular Key if you don’t want to buy one on the secondary market.